Oscillating Saw System
Technical Data


Power 150 W
Oscillating Frequency 0 to 12000 Osc/min
Battery Capacity 1.2 Ah
Type of Batteries Ni-H
Charging Time of Empty Battery Max 45 Min
Service Temperature 0 to +50 ºC
Degree or Protection Against An Electric Shock BF
Protection Against Water Penetration IPX4


1) It can reduce cutting resistence and improve cutting quality
2) High quality material, resisting high pressure
3) Power supply of the electric drill & saw is a rechargeable battery and the battery and charger is separated when used, which is safety, reliable and easy-to-take.
4) It can increase operation efficiency and precision and reduce operation time and patients pains.
5) Professional bottom cover design.
Can sterilize in autoclave; but do not sterilize batteries and charger.
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